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When your friend tests, you receive $5 for every credit

Refer a friend program helps you earn money while your friend earns their degree. For every test your friend takes with Rechtschaffen, we will give you $5 a credit. So lets say you tell your friend how easy RIJS is to earn their degree and they take a test worth 3 credits, we will send you a check for $15. Its that easy! Lets say a week later, that same friend tests again, we will send you an additional check of $5 per credit. 101 of Rechtschaffens credits can be transfered to different colleges, that means you can earn $505 dollars just on one person. Refer two students and you can make 1,010 dollars. It goes on and on.

Refer your Friend. Let us Reward you.


*Refer a friend only applies to new students and those paying full price per credit.