Course Fees


Complete your degree for $50 per credit*

With Rechtschaffen Institute otherwise known as, it is easier, faster and less expensive to complete the bulk of your credits and finish your degree.

*All study guides are free which can be downloaded from our website after you have your student login, except for the following courses. JHIS 303, JHIS 307, JST 210 are $6 per study guide, JHIS 306 is $12 per study guide. These study guide fees are due at the time of exam.  Some courses require studying from a text, besides for the free study guide, which is not included in the price.

The cost of $50 per credit is for Rechtschaffen courses only. Additional Fees to the college of choice when transfering your RIJS credits vary by Institution.

If testing at a center, proctoring fees are charged based on location.

If testing at home, there is a $50 charge to Proctur U.

For transcript information call Rechtschaffen at 1-845-558-4423 or email us at



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