Career Coaching

The On-Going Coaching Process

Coaching — What is it?

Through one-on-one mentoring between coach and student, goals and progress will be defined and accomplished. The role of the coach is to keep the student motivated and moving forward.

What happens in a Coaching Session?

Coaching sessions takes place by appointment either through skype, phone or in person. For $100 dollars an hour, the coach and student will set up an action oriented plan which may include things such as test scheduling, setting up time to study, internship arrangements, and career research. The goals are made clear and realistic as not to set up the student for failure. Each person works at their own pace. In addition, RIJS students can call and have access to their coach when questions arise about the process or are in need of help with their transcripts.

Why Do I Need a Coach?

It is possible to earn a degree through distance learning working alone. However, some have found this unfamiliar process overwhelming. That’s why we started RIJS.

The RIJS coach offers assistance in making a customized degree plan and in carrying out that plan to completion.

Because a coach is there to organize logistical details, students are able to fully concentrate their efforts on their studies. We’re here for you!

Can I Do This by Myself?

Students can complete a college degree using accelerated distance learning methods on their own. However, RIJS students are guided step by step through making the best use of their time, avoiding costly mistakes that cost both time and money.

Each RIJS coach offers valuable advice, lots of encouragement, and accountability for making progress.

What Next?

A RIJS Coach can be contacted at 1-845-558-4423 to set up your 1 hour coaching session or email us at